The West Midlands is amongst the areas with the highest car accidents in the UK. Unexpectedly most accidents happen when going only 30 miles per hour. So motorways are not the most accident-prone. You are most likely to need an Emergency Vehicle Rescue Service when you are in a built-up area.

When involved in an accident you also have the added worry about insurance claims. Are you responsible for the accident? Is the other party responsible? Will the insurance pay out? How quickly will you get your car back? We offer the possibility to take care of the correspondence with your insurance company during the entire process for you.

It is important that you can rely on a dependable emergency car breakdown service. You need to be able to arrange everything with just one phone call. In our Vehicle Rescue program, we aim to take away as much stress as possible. And swiftly get you back on the road again.

What to do when you are stranded?

1. Get to a safe place

The most important thing to do is to make sure you and your passengers are safe. Of course, you do not have any say in the location where your car gives up the ghost. So it is important that, when you are stranded at a location in the way of other traffic, you get yourselves to a safe place immediately. If possible, move your car off the road. When on the motorway and you cannot get to the next exit, pull up on the hard shoulder.

2. Hazard lights

No matter where you are, always switch on your hazard lights, so everybody can see you. It is also advisable to keep on your side lights, so drivers that come from other directions can also see you.

3. Warning Triangle

Put a warning triangle about 50 meters behind your vehicle. Make sure you wear a reflective safety jacket when you do this. The most important thing is to be seen. For your car but also for yourself.

4. Get out of the car

We recommend you and your passenger get out of the car and get yourselves to a save place. Possibly behind an existing barrier.

5. Call Vehicle Rescue

Then call us on 0800 533 5139 to come and get you

Published On: February 15th, 2018 /