Last year according to a survey report, 72,700 drivers made a mistake when adding wrong fuel. This error can have fatal consequences for our car if we do not realize it and start the engine. It is also an increasingly common mistake.

Types of mistakes when adding fuel

  • Diesel in a gasoline engine: it is the least likely situation for a simple reason, diesel hoses are wider than gasoline ones. It can still happen and if we make a mistake and the diesel refueling exceeds 5% of the capacity of the tank, the engine will start to have symptoms and may suffer. The tank must be emptied and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Petrol in a diesel engine: in this case, systems such as the filter or the diesel engine injection pump would be seriously affected, which in the event of being damaged by driving with the wrong fuel, would have to be replaced.

What Shall You Do?

The first thing to do is not to start the vehicle’s engine and not even insert the key into the ignition, since in some models that simple maneuver could lead to fuel entering the engine’s power system.
If you are in the service area and you have noticed that you have bundled it, you should notify those responsible for it to cordon off the area where your car is and avoid problems for other drivers who are waiting to fill up on fuel.
The least common mistake is to put diesel in a gasoline engine because diesel hoses are wider than gasoline ones. It can still happen. The best thing to do in these cases is to call a helpdesk that will help you solve the problem, since if you try to do it yourself, the consequences may be worse.
For example, you can damage the sleeves by trying to empty the tank yourself, or worse, cause an explosion or defragment of gases by spilling gasoline. Thus, the assistance service can take your car to a specialized workshop, where they will proceed to disassemble the tank, pump the wrong gasoline and remove the filter to ensure that it is not contaminated by the wrong fuel.
Here are some symptoms
This is an important thing that you should have to recognize that there is a wrong fuel in your car’s engine. You can guess that by few symptoms we have listed below:

Putting Petrol in Diesel car, you might experience:

  • During accelerating the vehicle, you can hear the knocking sound
  • You may have notice excessive smoke from your exhaust
  • Your vehicle is not getting pick when you accelerate it
  • May be the engine warning light gets blinking
  • You may have find it hard to start your car suddenly
    Putting Diesel in Petrol car, you might experience:
  • You can experience that your engine starts misfiring
  • There is an excessive smoke coming out from exhaust
  • It’s difficult to start your car when you are in such a condition.
Published On: April 24th, 2020 /